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Length of Time

How long does it take to get a divorce in Wisconsin?

The length of time required for a divorce to finalize depends on what the parties are fighting over. Wisconsin law requires a four month cooling off period. From the time the divorce is filed, you cannot get divorced for at least four months. Most divorces average about 8 to 12 months to be completely finished, longer if there are substantial disputes.

How long before you can remarry?

In the state of Wisconsin, you must be divorce for at least six months before you can remarry.

What happens if my spouse died during the divorce?

If one spouse dies before the final judgment of divorce is entered, the divorce action stops. If a divorce action is stopped before the final judgment of divorce is order by a court, the spouses are married.

Other factors may affect the marital property of a couple whose divorce action stops due to death of one of the spouses. You should consult with a Wisconsin divorce and family law attorney regarding your situation.

Free initial consultation

Attorney Gordon E. Stillings and Attorney Melody Buchinger offer a free initial consultation. Please contact the law offices of Stillings & Buchinger, LLC to schedule a consultation with one of the attorneys.

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